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Freewalker is a humanitarian organization that is dedicated to sustainable development projects in the less unfortunate schools of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Our main focus is on schools for children between the ages of 2 – 18, with foundation phase classes being of major importance.
Freewalker's Mission is to create sustainable solutions in the fields of education, conservation, healthcare, and community development. The organisation believes in giving a hand up not a hand out and is trying to instill a sense of sustainability, dignity, pride, and preservation of/for the School in the minds of the next generation of South Africans.
Freewalker’s Goals:
• improve community morale and hope
• create stimulating learning environments
• supply schools with necessary learning tools (libraries, books, computers)
• assist schools in becoming eco-friendly
• rehabilitate school structure
• improve the health of the children through helping to establish school gardens
• restore the dignity of children
• enable self-sustaining projects for School’s to maintain

Philosophy of Freewalker Foundation

South Africa is a Nation healing from its past struggles. This has left behind poverty stricken areas that have been forgotten, full of people with hope and desire for a better future; however, means to achieve their dreams are limited. Education is the key in developing children, communities and countries. Education is the foundation of a great Nation, and without it, Nations become failed States. The vacuum being diagnosed needs a catalyst to set on fire the great need for education and sustainability within a country, and the assistance to do so. Freewalker creates a bridge between passionate people who want to help and the people who are in need. By educating young minds and instilling a more sustainable perspective on life, Freewalker hopes to encourage and create solutions to enhance the wellbeing of this country’s people and wildlife. Creating an opportunity for volunteers will not only positively influence lives that they touch, but with sustainable solutions, the effects of their input will last for generations to come.