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about us
friends day centre is a non-profit organisation with humble beginnings. in 1959 Lorna Ingram started a care and learning facility for her son, David and 4 other children who had special needs. the original facility was a small building the size of a double garage.

from those small beginnings, friends day centre has grown into a school and care facility for up to 120 learners with severe and profound disabilities. those receiving treatment range between the ages of 2 and 46 years old. the facilities have expanded over the years to 10 classrooms, a physiotherapy room, a jacuzzi for hydrotherapy and a sensory room. more than 40 staff members attend to the needs of the learners and 3 buses provide transport for around 24 learners.

friends day centre is a non-profit organisation, operating from 08h15 to 14h00, mondays to fridays during western cape school terms. it is situated on the grounds of Alexandra Hospital in Maitland, western cape. the centre provides appropriate education, personal skills development and an array of therapies for learners with severe to profound intellectual and physical disabilities. it services people from different communities, suffering from various and / or multiple disabilities, including cerebral palsy, spina bifida and epilepsy, among others. the aim is to enhance their quality of life, encourage a degree of independence and give them the chance to live a relatively normal life. the centre provides parents with the peace of mind that their special needs child is being cared for during the workday.