Cause Index

Friends Of Ferals

• Sterilization: We advocate the sterilization of all pets, and all cats we shelter, help, nurse, rehabilitate or re-home will be sterilized. Any kittens under the age of 5 months old will be sterilized by their owners through our vet when of age. Trap, Neuter and Release Programmes are available when subsidized by Corporates, Businesses or the General Public.
• Awareness: Create awareness of the plight of Feral and Stray Cats, through social media and public events and functions
• Feeding Programmes: Initiate and support community feeding schemes
• Education: Educate learners and the general public to be responsible pet owners. The importance of cats in our society. The need to have controlled feral colonies.
• Rehabilitating/Homing: Rehabilitate and re-home kittens and stray cats