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Friends of St Francis Nature Areas

FOSTER manages and maintains the Cape St Francis nature reserves. The reserves form a 132 hectare network, linking St Francis Bay in the east to Rocky Coast Farm in the west.
FOSTER developed and maintains the hiking & cycling trails in the reserves. This includes path clearing, erosion control and trail maintenance.
FOSTER clears invasive alien trees, snares and other threats from the reserves. Firebreaks are maintained and fire plans are updated yearly.
FOSTER uses a system of camera traps to monitor animal behaviour and numbers in the reserves as well as to calculate use of the trails by people. This assists with the updating of the reserve management plan. Plants are marked with name markers and bird, animal and plant lists are made available.
Environmental awareness is promoted through information maps, signs and guided walks. The variety of social media channels are used to provide regular updates on the state of the reserve, interesting animal interactions and other relevant information.