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Fullstop Foundation NPC

Our vision is for individuals to have a fruitful life, a life of value and freedom from financial struggle. We strive for a society of love and value for all, even if it starts by bettering an individual's day through a wholesome lunch.

Our mission is to meet people where they are at, whether it be promising individuals in schools or, individuals we encounter during our hands-on days. We ask these individuals questions and better understand their situations, access to resources and their skills and passions. We share direct contact with them, so that we can set up individual profiles for each person and then help them to apply for courses, as well as drawing up a professional CV and helping them develop essential job seeking skills.

Fullstop Foundation has been approved by SARS as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). This enables donors to receive a Section 18A Tax Certificate. Kindly contact to request a donation receipt.