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The FunDza Literacy Trust is a community-based trust (IT 814/2011) and registered non-profit organisation (095-260-NPO). It is registered with SARS as a public benefit organisation with S18A status (930039651).

Our mission: To boost literacy among teen and young adult South Africans through our programmes: Popularising Reading, Growing Communities of Readers, Developing Young Writers, and Deepening Reading Practice.

Our vision: To help grow educated, empowered and engaged young leaders and citizens in our country.

Our four outreach programmes are:
- Popularising Reading: Supporting a network of beneficiary groups across SA with access to high quality, exciting local reading material.
- Growing Communities of Readers: Providing 100,000s of teens and young adults with continuously updated high-interest reading content via their mobile phones.
- Developing Young Writers: Supporting the growth of new writing talent through Write4Life workshops, writing mentorships and provision of a platform to showcase their writing work.
- Deepening Reading Practice: Supporting language acquisition and literacy development through the provision of a 'reading curriculum' with support material that is delivered to groups via computers and tablets.