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Future for African Children (FAC)

Future for African Children (FAC)

The Future for African Children (FAC) is a fully-registered Non Profit Organisation (NPO), provides relief services to some of the African children most under-resourced through a multi-faceted approach to the consequences of extreme poverty. Majority of our interventions aims to benefit in child’s education, orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) as a consequence of HIV/AIDS, child protection and abuse, youth development and street children. In the process of carrying out these activities it has also gained immense grassroots experiences concerning the real life situation of the most vulnerable rural poor children in Africa.

FAC’s mission is to provide practical support and speak out for vulnerable African children by:

o Speaking on behalf of the most vulnerable African children and engaging communities and leaders to uphold the best interests of children and young people in Africa.
o Giving a meaningful future to the life of hopeless African children through the improvement of the quality of life and advancing African children’s rights.
o Working to bring all about changes for good on behalf of African children and their families, and encourage them to participate in processes which enhance their equality, self-reliance and long term sustainable development.
o Seeking to provide hope/assistance to the very poor and disadvantage humankind without any bias and discrimination whatsoever, wherever possible to provide practical support which allows African children to grow up in a safe environment within their own families and communities.

Our vision is to create a better society fits for children where they are free from poverty, abuse and exploitation. A society where all children are gladly and proudly become productive and helpful citizens of the society, of the country, of the continent as well as of the world. In doing so, the FAC strives to change the social-economic of the African society.

The African children are at the heart of everything we do. FAC recognizes that no child lives in isolation, and for the child to truly benefit in any meaningful way, the basics of a stable and healthy community must come first. FAC is dedicated to working directly with children, their families and communities in devising, implementing and evaluating development projects that provide long lasting improvements.