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Fynbos Fish Trust

The Cape Fold Ecoregion is home to the highest concentration of endemic fish in South Africa, but they are also the most threatened. There are many threats to these ancient species, that have survived thousands of years hidden in the rivers and streams of the Cape Fold Ecoregion.

Chief among these is the lack of knowledge of these Fynbos Fish – both by the custodians of these river systems, and by the general public. Many of these fish species, most no bigger than your pinkie finger, face imminent threats. And are unlikely to avoid extinction without direct conservation action – urgently!

A businessman, a researcher and a conservationist each realised the many threats facing our Fynbos Fish.

And in order to address this, they established The Fynbos Fish Trust in 2018.

Help us protect these ancient species…
most of which are swimming on the edge of extinction.