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Gameways NPC

GameWays is dedicated to providing training opportunities for people eager to follow career paths related to the conservation of our natural heritage. Many of them cannot afford the course fees or they do not have the means to provide the basic personal equipment that they will require during these courses. For this reason, it was decided during 2018 to register GameWays as a non-profit company (NPC). As a non-profit company, the GameWays fees are set to cover expenses only.

GameWays non-profit is, therefore, dependant on donations and sponsorships to continue with the specialized training it provides empowering individuals who will positively contribute to nature conservation, wildlife management and the protection of our natural assets.

GameWays NPC is a reliable and reputable company with high training standards. This is underscored by their vision, which is to establish shared custodianship of our natural heritage through inspirational training. GameWays NPC is willing to cooperate with like-minded institutions and individuals in this quest.