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Garden Route Botanical Garden

The Garden Route Botanical Garden (GRBG) is a 19 ha indigenous botanical garden situated at the base of the Outeniqua Mountains in the town of George. The GRBG is run by a private trust the GRBG Trust – a registered environmental NGO with PBO status. The garden was officially opened 17 years ago by members of the Southern Cape twig of the Botanical Society (Bot Soc), local environmentalists and the community of George.
The sole and principal object of the trust, as set out in the amended Trust deed (2010), is engaging in the conservation, rehabilitation and protection of the natural environment, including flora, fauna or the biosphere, primarily through the Garden Route Botanical Garden and the Southern Cape Herbarium and by conducting activities that support this objective. Activities are carried on in a non-profit manner and with an altruistic or philanthropic intent for the benefit of the South African Community at large.
The GRBG is a valuable organization, falling within the Southern Cape community. It is the only Botanical Garden in this area. Through its extensive and experienced volunteer base, and its employee’s expertise the GRGB strives to educate the community and raise awareness of the threatened and beautiful flora that surrounds it. The organization, although having continuously faced financial constraints, has achieved in various operations. One such operation is that the organization has successfully rehabilitated a previous arboretum to its original natural state of indigenous forest which now forms part of the GRBG. The GRBG has also successfully hosted and planted various tree planting projects within the garden itself, as well as various other smaller tree planting projects in townships around the George area. Another example is that the GRBG successfully propagates indigenous plants for its own garden and for its nursery. The nursery supplies indigenous, water-wise, plants to the public at minimal prices thereby positively contributing to the Garden Route’s biodiversity.