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Girls Education and Mentoring Initiative

18twenty8 is an award-winning, women-led, non-profit organisation that empowers young women, between the ages of 18 and 28, by developing strategies for their educational and personal development. We encourage young women to pursue higher education as an attractive and necessary tool for their empowerment. This is achieved through four programmes:
• interactive life-skills workshops for girls in grade 11 and grade 12 at high schools in marginalised communities
• a mentorship programme called the Big Sister Network that matches undergraduate young women to professional women for psycho-social support and career exposure
• providing financial assistance for young women to cover the full costs of any undergraduate degree
• a leadership development camp that harnesses undergraduate young women’s ability to participate actively as decision makers in various leadership roles.
The 18twenty8 vision is of a South Africa in which girls and young women are educated and empowered to lead. Producing successive generations of educated, female leaders enhances gender equality and diverse perspectives to tackle the challenges facing our country. Our approach remains empathetic, skills-enhancing and relevant to the young women we serve because we have experienced some of their challenges first-hand.