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Global Challenge Expeditions

GCEX was born out of an observation whilst taking a group of young South Africans on a mission trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It took two weeks of traveling to reach our destination. We needed to trust God in so many different ways and saw Him coming through whilst travelling. This is when God started placing thoughts in my mind about a travel-based discipleship/leadership program.

In Psalm 84 it is written: "Happy are those who set their minds on a pilgrimage…" At its core, the Global Challenge is exactly this - a journey of seeking and meeting God.

Another Scripture that is at the core of our movement is from Job. We desire that the things that counted for God in Job’s life will be imparted in a new generation that will once again become people of integrity, who fear God and run away from evil. We believe in developing servant leaders who will be hardworking and selfless. Leaders who will passionately share how being followers of Jesus Christ will impact one’s life.

GCEX is an experiential learning tool. It facilitates real life issues and helps the participants to have a global perspective and deeper understanding of the complexities of life. This enables you to tell your own God-stories.

Furthermore…we will discover more of the vision as we travel!

Anna Marie Franken
International Project Leader