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Global Developmental Corps

Global Development Corps (GDC) is a developmental organization is a registered NPO (100-290-NPO) established in 2005. GDC is an organization committed to social justice and long-term development of the poor and marginalized communities. It is an organization that deepens democracy and scaling-up socio-political landscape by developing social action plans across a full range of programs including social enterprise ventures, sexual & reproductive health, employment, human rights advocacy, education and skills development and sustainable livelihoods.

The organization strives to empower and advocate on various societal challenges and to empower vulnerable groups to make them responsible on social and political matters and identify what is wrong and what is right, organize them for collaborative actions to achieve the objectives.

Wherever possible GDC employs an integrated, holistic approach to economic development and the empowerment of its targeted beneficiaries and as a result many of our activities do not fit into a single practice area. Certain cross-cutting approaches, such as our value chain framework, which attempts to address major constraints and opportunities faced by our communities. GDC emphasizes the incorporation of cross cutting area of capacity development into its programming and project activities, such as a holistic approach to development. Capacity development acknowledges the organization’s capabilities for its own development, and offers support for strengthening for enhanced growth to be enabled.

The organization is centred on the following:
Gender & Capacity Building
Human Rights-based approach
Sustainability Models
Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights