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Global Environmental Trust

Global Environmental Trust – Community Wilderness Alliance is an alliance of supporters working with mining affected communities to ensure the laws of the land are implemented and to protect their tribal land, livelihoods and sacred wilderness areas like the historic iMfolozi Wilderness Area, proclaimed in 1958, for current and future generations. The iMfolozi Wilderness Area, lies at the heart of the Zulu Kingdom and was sacred to the Zulu people in the time of Shaka. It is also situated in the historic Hluhluwe-iMfolozi-Park (HIP), the oldest protected area in Africa, proclaimed in 1895, and the core of conservation in KwaZulu-Natal. It was home to the last remaining White Rhino in the 1890s and currently supports the densest concentration of rhino in the world but its rhino population is under constant threat of being slaughtered for rhino horn for the insatiable medicine trade in China and Vietnam. The mine will irreparably compromise the integrity of the wilderness area and make it easier for poachers to enter the park