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Global Relief Welfare

Global Relief Welfare Services is a not-for-profit welfare organization located in three provinces i.e. Western Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng; the head office of which is in Lenasia. Since its inception Global Relief Welfare Services has a rich history of serving a vital role in improving the lives of our community with a view that they may have fulfilled and dignified lives. Global Relief Welfare Services began this role in the year 2009 as an outreach program to the residents of Lenasia South and the surrounding areas. The program started from a shop where food was prepared and distributed at different points in and around Lenasia South to approximately Ten (10) people. As time went on it was anticipated that the need was beyond a meal time and so the founder thought that it was necessary to expand the scope of the program as more and more people needed the service. By the beginning of 2010, this project had grown to include a branch in Cape Town; which was then used as a head office as there were facilities for a Madressa and a feeding scheme. By the end of 2010, another project was up and running in Phoenix, Kwa-Zulu Natal where education and a Feeding Programs was started. It caters to all the needs of the people it serves including but not limited to boarding and lodging, education, food, and clothing. The Lesotho Centre houses 110 kids and the Lenasia Centre houses 220 kids, the current total kids provided for is 330. These services are funded by existing donations and require additional donations to expand.