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GM ASSIST is a Non-Profit Company founded by three university aspiring social entrepreneur students with the purpose of solving the socio-economic crisis of road accident fatalities on South African roads. A report issued by World Health Organisation in 2010 showed that South Africa has one of the poorest road safety records with a ratio of 31.9 fatalities per 100 000 people. This is a cause for concern as road accidents have caused the country 3.4% of its GDP in 2018 alone according to Department of Transport, while reducing the average lifespan of South Africans and leaving a significant number of fatal road accident victims with permanent physical trauma. GM ASSIST has therefore dedicated time and resources to solving this problem by developing an overtaking assistance device which will use Artificial Intelligence technologies to determine whether it is safe to overtake or not, in any circumstance where a driver wishes to do so. subsequently, this GM ASSIST device will be able to issue a fine to a driver who overtakes on a solid line, crosses a red traffic light, or puts lives of other civilians in any form of danger due to dangerous driving. This idea would put South Africa abreast with the newly emerging era of 4th industrial revolution. Moreover, the device would reduce State expenditure in the Department of Transport and Road Accident Fund to mention a few, by reducing the levels of insurance claims and accidents. This device will be free for all South African registered vehicles to possess and use. This project is under the supervision, advisory and experience of Raphael Mukaro PhD, who holds experience in Artificial Neural Networks, and an extensive electronics research projects background.