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Grace Beneficiary Ministries

We are Grace Beneficiary Ministries also known as Chapel of The Reigning Kings.

Our church is organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, educational, philanthropic and benevolent purposes.

We are a church that proclaims Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church and the manifested Word of God.

Our goal is to teach the word of God with simplicity and understanding, so that it may be applied to our everyday lives in a practicable and effective manner, thereby being transformed into reigning kings taking dominion and causing our immediate world and all those with whom we come into contact, to be what God intends them to be ultimately giving light to the world and being the salt of the earth.

Our vision is reaching out, preaching, teaching and discipling for Jesus Christ Worldwide. We do this through any platform we come into contact with so that the Gospel of God's word can be reached to as many.