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Grace for Purpose

As a Community we are tired of excuses and waiting for nothing to happen. It is time to take matters into OUR own hands.
What started as a "I am so fed up, I feel like buying 4 bags of tar and fill some potholes myself" to receiving contributions of almost R50 000 in two days and registering the NPO. Our mission now is to repair and restore our community to its former Glory of beautiful parks, neat pavements and islands, pothole free roads for our safety.
We strive to prevent the tragedy that happened in Boksburg on 24 December 2022 by marking all the roads and bridges with the correct height, weight, and danger signs.
Unfortunately, this all comes at a cost and can only be done if we stick together and grow as a community.
Whether you contribute monthly, donate bigger amounts, or pick up your tools and help us physically doing the work - YOU made a difference.