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Green Africa Foundation

Green Africa Foundation is a South African non-profit organization (NPO) and Public Benefit Organization (PBO) established for the purpose and objective of providing consultancy, training and nurturing communities and most importantly women, youth and children across South Africa in the field of permaculture, environmental greening, food security projects and enterprise development by means of community development. The organization is registered as a nonprofit making and Public Benefit organization.
It is through permaculture, environmental greening, skills development and training initiatives that we are strategically placed to deal with environmental, food and skills shortage challenges in Africa. Our strength is to deliver solutions in greening and permaculture projects and initiatives are backed by years of experience vested in Green Africa Foundation field officers and management staff.
GAF has been in existence since 2009, officially registered in 2013 and the Mission is “To deliver services of value both financial and environmentally to our clients.” Facilitate a transition from environmental destructive human behavior to an environmental cohesive life style in both rural and urban settlements.
Green Africa Foundation envisions a just self reliant community of men and women who are social-economic and environmentally conscious and sustainable Green Africa Foundation is guided by the following core values; Hard work, Integrity, Team work, Learning Growth, accountability and Sustainability.