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Halli Trust

Halli Trust
Unexpected Gift and Blessing.
Halli Trust is in the middle of a “giving and receiving” cycle, taking hands with various organizations and individuals in our area.

We make a difference in our community with:

We have Halli, our Cool Teenager Dude Mascot!!! An Akita Japanese dog with lots of personality who loves to be with children. Halli assists us with the various educational talks on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Halli visits are free of charge, but we encourage them to do a collection towards a donation for Halli Trust.

We have various community involvement programmes:
We assess clients at their homes to establish the context of their circumstances. We determine the immediate need, to enable us to plan our assistance to the individuals/family. We assist in their physical and emotional needs for a short period.
Smartie Town, Macassar, is a community with many challenges that we have adopted. We assist the community with a Needle Work Project, Alcohol and Substance Abuse support, Networking with other organizations for resources, Prayer Walks and Educational Programmes.
We do home renovations, Christmas Parties, eye care and hearing support, training programmes and a Madiba Day beanie handout.
We collect clothes and shoes (old or new), toys (old or new), groceries (food and toiletries), household supplies and furniture.
We take great responsibility in making sure that your donations reach the right hands.

We promote the care of animals in communities by educating the owners on the needs of animals and the owners’ responsibilities. We also help finding homes for animals when owners cannot afford to keep them. We assist owners to have their animals castrated and spayed.
We collect dog and cat food, blankets, feeding and water bowls, kennels, etc.

We promote Halli Trust at various Fundraising Events, My School Drives, Annual Golf Days, Networking Events, Social Media and in the Print Media.

Our motto is to be humble, honest, grateful and transparent. We undergo annual financial audits, which
we submit together with an annual progress report to the Department of Social Development.
We are registered to work in the Western Cape