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Happy Family Care Centre

Happy Family Care Centre

The organization Happy Family Care Centre has been established to house and help children that have been exposed to unfair circumstances. These children are placed in our care, management and volunteers at the centre strive to give them the best possible love, care, security and guidance that is essential in the development of a child. We also run a day care centre for parents who are unable to afford normal pre-schools and who work shifts. The centre helps children, families, Schools, old age homes, the community and also assists children from an informal settlement in Skoonplaas, Springs. With the help of our volunteers and donors we would like to reach more underprivileged children and families with the basic necessities for everyday living. We would like to expand our daycare centre which is one of the cheapest in Springs. Our aim is to have the centre open twenty four hours. We have involved the children that are accommodated at the centre in various extramural activities such as singing lessons, dancing, modeling, karate, and rugby.
Short Term Goals
God willing we would like to expand Happy Family Care Centre to house more children. This can only be accomplished with the help from our donors and sponsors.
Long Term Goals
We strive to make these children’s lives as normal as possible to help build their self-confidence, self-esteem and social skills by giving them the best education possible as they attend different primary and secondary schools in the area. We encourage all our children to take part in all school sports and other activities. For their spiritual growth they attend Sunday school and Youth at a local Church in Springs.
We appeal to you to help us maintain the lifestyles and standards that these children have been granted. A chance to say “I had a great childhood” when they graduate and start families of their own. We are currently in need of financial assistance or if you can help with any other donations such as Meat, Vegetables, and Food and clothes. All donations can be delivered at the above mentioned address or we will gladly collect. If God has laid it on your heart to bless us financially you can make a direct deposit into our bank account. Click here to view our tax certificate.
“It feels so good to know that there are still honest people out there that know the true meaning of UBUNTU.
Thank you for your interest, it is greatly appreciated. GOD be with you and have a blessed Day.”
Thank you for your interest, it would be appreciated. GOD be with you and have a happy day.