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Healing Hands Community Project

HEALING HANDS is running a Daily Soup Kitchen from the local Clinic where anyone can come and recieve a free meal in the mornings they feed up to 750 people per day including a local Primary School. The NPO is also running an HIV/Aids programe providing counseling, free condoms to the public and they hand out information brochures on HIV/Aids and safe sex education on a weekly basis to the people. They host an anual World Aids Day event each year in December where they raise awareness and reach out to all people in the community by means of free intertainment from our local artists and educate them on HIV/Aids. The NPO also offer an over night shelter to abused woman and children.
The organization is working on a project where we want to train woman and the youth skills by means of free weekly training on subjects like: Hair and Nail techniques, Basic Computer Training, art, sowing, beadwork, wood crafting etc. with the idea that they can become indipendent and provide for themselves after optaining a professional skill and certificate as proof of completion of training and they also do job placements by advertising online and help drawing and printing of Cirriculum Vitae's to individuals seeking employment. Since 2010 HEALING HANDS have helped change many lives as well as other institutes such as old age homes, children homes and other NPO's AND MIRACULOUSLY MANAGED TO DO SO WITHOUT ANY FUNDING OR HELP FROM GOVERMENTAL INSTITUTES, the NPO wants to reach out to more people and is at the point where they need an extra vehicle and funding to keep their operations going and go out to other areas where more people need help and to keep their skills development project going. Find us on face book under Healing Hands Community Project.