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Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic

HMBC is a non-profit organization committed to delivering professional medical care to the most vulnerable and underprivileged women of our community.
HMBC is passionate about improving the lives of mothers and babies.
HMBC believes in empowering women with pre and postnatal education, to help them make informed choices about their health, pregnancy, children, and families.
HMBC partners with the Department of Health and is financially dependent on donations.
HMBC is part of the outreach ministries of Victory Christian Church.

Delivering professional medical care.
Empowering our mothers with through education, counselling, support, and compassion.
Good governance & transparency.
Partnership with the community, businesses, department of health and church.
The belief that healthy mothers lead to healthy babies that in turn creates healthy families that have the power to transform our community.
Do service our community with excellence.