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Helping Hand for Children/Youth Development

Helping Hand For Children/Youth Development (HHCYD) was established in 2017, in response to the need identified in DRAKENSTIEN to deal with the abject poverty and injustices suffered by under-privileged people under the apartheid system of the day. The agency operates primarily in the Western Cape of South Africa working with community stakeholders and partners towards eradicating poverty and seeking to address social issues in vulnerable communities. The

essence of our work involves assisting in the social development of communities, preserving and advocating human dignity as well as making sure that people’s human rights are protected. HHCYD offers a diverse range of programmes to deal with a wide range of human rights issues  and is open to all people in need, regardless of background, including religious affiliation.

HHCYD interventions primarily target vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in Mbekweni, Groenheuwel, Chicago, Paarl, Wellington, Saron, Amsterlof, OR,Gouda and Simondium.  HHCYD has an integrated and diverse range of social responses aligned to   government’s core development priorities in the context of a constantly changing and challenging environment. With 18 years of development experience, HHCYD remains committed to developing the potential of individuals and communities with which we work. We strive to promote an integrated and inclusive approach that recognises human dignity in accordance. while contributing towards the eradication of poverty through partnerships with communities and organisations.