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Helping SA

We support families, safety houses for women and children, orphanages, old age homes, early development centres where children can have a chance at early development while their parents can do their work in peace knowing that their children are well looked after and do not need to worry about school accounts as they cannot in the first place afford it. We have also received more early development centers in January 2013 to provide and assist with food, clothing, furniture, electricity and whatever they may need. We also busy with the soup kitchens in the community, the soup kitchens help those families that we cant provide for on a monthly basis as poverty increases on a daily basis, HELPING SA will still support all the causes, centers and families that we did since 2008.
We would love to do more greatness in the years to come but we wont be able to accomplish our dreams and goals to make South Africa a better place without the help of our fellow citizens.