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Heroz is a Cape Town-based NPO with a passion to make the Bible come alive for the next generation through the testimonies of real-life ‘heroes’ (celebrities) as well as a variety of age-appropriate Bible resources.

Our dream is to give every child a digital Bible coupled with resources to help them understand this Holy Book in its historical context and apply its wisdom in our modern world.
For many people, especially youngsters, the Bible seems intimidating: abstract, difficult to read, or maybe even an oppressive book of rules. We believe that the Bible is a living book that speaks God’s Word to his people – of any age, living at any time in history. Therefore, our ambition is to help young people change the way they read and use the Bible.

How do we achieve this?
Through the stories of well-known, everyday ‘heroes’
Through the use of technology, making resources accessible on learners’ phones
Intercessory prayer
Heroz is not part of any specific Christian denomination or tradition. Our work is done in conjunction with local schools and churches. Our mission is to help young people of all backgrounds see the Bible as a relevant and unified story that leads to Jesus – the Hero of Heroes. Because He rose.