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Hillsong Africa Foundatio

Hillsong Africa Foundation: Building lives that will build the nation.

The Hillsong Africa Foundation is a non-profit organization that was born out of Hillsong Church in Cape Town, South Africa.

The foundation began with a group of volunteers who wanted to help the poorest of their communities by providing for their basic needs like food & shelter. In time the extensive community needs far outweighed the funding capacity of the church, and the separate foundation was established in 2009.

Over the years the foundation has grown in mission and in scope, and is now involved in many community projects including feeding programs, orphan care, women’s shelters, disaster relief, wheelchair distribution, substance abuse programs, job skills training centers, prison programs, and literacy programs.

In many instances the foundation works alongside existing non-profits who are already doing great work, and where there is need the foundation initiates it’s own programs, such as the Tembaletu School Project.