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Hodnett House NPC

Hodnett House is a non-profit day care facility for adults with intellectual disabilities. We offer a stimulating and varied programme of activities devised and run by a special needs teacher and three assistants who are trained in special needs care and education.
Hodnett House opened its doors in February 2018 and currently has 30 individuals participating in the programme.
The mission for Hodnett House is to create an environment to facilitate an independent lifestyle, where possible, on a financially sustainable basis, for adults living with intellectual disabilities. The aim is to create a high quality of life for these adults once they have finished school and ensure they continue learning and are integrated into the community as far as possible.
There are several good facilities available, but sadly do not cater for adults with profound intellectual disabilities and are often unaffordable for families who rely on government grants. We provide a much needed service and are expanding our support into other areas around Gauteng.