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Home of Hope

• Care for and support children in community based foster homes
• Raise awareness through information and education within the communities the plights and needs of children.
• Provide special needs education for FASD and neurologically challenged children who are not coping in conventional schools
• Create an environment where children can be nurtured holistically to develop to their full God given potential.
• Partner and network with relevant stakeholders, other organizations, businesses and individuals to be more effective in creating a bright future for these children and families in need.
• Cultivate a shared responsibility with relevant stakeholders and the community towards the continually changing socio-economic problems which affect children.
• Define the specific needs of each community, and ensure the correct application and division of supplies to enrich and assist that community in achieving their own goals (Robin Hood Principle)
• Continue to build a credible and sustainable support operation through transparency, honesty and accountability, within a framework of Christian ethics and principles