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HometownSA NPO 204808

HometownSA is the first encounter or the main point of contact when a drug addict decides to look for help to change they lives and move away from drugs. Often the families of the person involved in drugs would reach out to us and ask if we can help?

HometownSA is not a Rehab Center but its field work NPO Organisations that helps with placing drug addicts at a correct Rehab Center as well as helping them cover basic costs that may occur during the intake process and the duration of their rehabilitation process.

Counseling before Placement
We provide counselling and understand the state which each person that come or brought to us. We also try and understand if the person is ready for rehabilitation before placing them at a Rehab Center.

If the Rehab Applicant is underage, HometownSA will contact the family of the applicant and help ask if they give us permission to counselling their children before placing them at a Rehab Center.

Gathering Documents
After the counselling and have understood the state of the person. We than find a Rehab Center that will help them and find out what documents they need for that rehabilitation intake process; we then help them with gathering the documents and help with completing and submitting them.

Medical Certificate | Copy of ID | Proof of Residence | Police Affidavit | Psycho-Sociological Report

Funding Basic Needs
The biggest part of the organization’s financial spending is helping our Rehab Candidates with funding their basic needs during their rehabilitation process. This is to help them focus on their rehab process rather than worry about things their need. We help with Toiletries, Clothes and Allowance to spend at the Rehab Center.

Rehab Placement
After we have helped with all the above process and have found a Rehab Center that will be able to take our Rehab Applicants, HometownSA also covers the costs of transportation to book the applicant to a Rehab Centers.

After Rehabilitation
Hometown SA is mostly funded by Phomolong Butchery, which helps with jobs opportunities after a successful rehabilitation. The butchery also opens up is space for intake process, when not busy.

- Sponsor an Applicant
Some families can’t afford to take their children who are involved in drug to a private Rehab Center, so we have partnered with Government Rehab Centers to help them as most of the applicants come from disadvantaged backgrounds. That been said the cost in booking a Rehab Applicant as there are a number of requirements and documentation that needs to be collected for a successfully Rehabilitation Placements.

We as HometownSA cover those cost ensuring that we help these families. The cost of ensuring a successfully Rehabilitation Placements is R1 000.00, this will cover all the costs before placement and during they rehabilitation process, which includes basic needs and allowance.

- Be a Monthly Donor
Being a Monthly Donor will help us cover the organization’s day to day operational costs as well as our outreach or fieldwork projects. As an NPO we often relay on donations to ensure that we reach out to help as many people who need help.

- Donate Basic Needs
Many of our Rehab Applicants lack basic necessities such as clothes and toiletries. If you have any old clothes you no long use that you would like to give away we are happy to receive on them on their behalf. We also needs toiletries for which they can use at the Rehab Center when they are booked, so when you doing are your shopping you can add one or two toiletry items.

Should you have any old clothes or toiletries you would like to donate contact Bongani (MD) on: +27 79 227 8302 or drop them off at them at: 8727 Lesolang Street, Orlando West Soweto, 1804

- Employ a Recovery
We are looking for business owners and companies that can help us with job opportunities for most of the Rehab Applicants that have completed their rehabilitation process. This will help them stay away from the temptation of going back because they have nothing to do.

Should you wish to know more how you can help with this please contact Bongani (MD) on: +27 79 227 8302 or via email: