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Hopelands Village NPC

Hopelands’ mission is to:
1. Build villages for orphans where they can be placed into a family environment where they will receive unconditional love, care, guidance and spiritual discipleship,
2. Where possible, facilitate the reunification of orphans with their immediate biological families and loved ones and facilitate such contact,
3. Promote integration and acceptance of orphans in the community-at-large, and
4. Raise public- and community awareness of the orphan crisis.

This edge is to provide the following:
1. A holistic life cycle for orphans and abandoned children.
2. A school for the children starting at Early Childhood Development level through to grade 12 level.
3. Community upliftment through skills transfer training of the population in the neighbouring area of Orient Hills.
4. Job creation through ensuring that at least 10% of the workforce at all phases of development on the village will be from the local community.
5. Crime alleviation through skills transfer and job creation.
6. Tourism attraction to the area.