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HospiVision is a non-profit (section 21 reg. nr: 99 12761-08 / NPO 071-706) Christian Faith-Based Organisation (FBO) established in 1997 to provide psycho-social and spiritual care, counseling and training, as well as physical support in the health care environment. HospiVision is a section 18(A) Public Benefit Organisation with tax exemption (RG/0042/09/05) and complies with Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) criteria.

Vision: Touching lives. Giving hope.
HospiVision touches the lives of sick people and those around them and gives them hope through counseling, spiritual care and physical support.

HospiVision facilitates the establishment of sustainable integrated support systems that reach out to and are in service of the sick, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged, their families and those who care for them.

HospiVision is committed to spiritual values such as respect, responsibility, integrity, love, fairness and service. Ownership by the community, church, family and individual involved, is encouraged. HospiVision promotes a culture of lifelong learning and the provision of the highest quality, most cost effective accredited education and training.

• To provide emotional and spiritual care and physical support to patients, their families and caregivers.
• To provide care and support to sick, orphaned and vulnerable children, in particular those infected or affected by HIV & AIDS in the family and/or living with a life-threatening illness (e.g. cancer)
• To provide care and support to people living with AIDS and who are on Anti-Retroviral Therapy.
• To provide a value-based HIV prevention training programme for faith and community based leadership.
• To provide UNISA accredited training for volunteer and professional caregivers as well as community and faith based leaders.
• To mobilize the necessary resources for our programmes.