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HSE Connection Point

I would like to start by welcoming you to the HSE Connection Point (HCP) Family within the Health, Safety and Environmental fraternity.

I have drafted this letter to serve two purposes. The first point is to inform you of the brief history of our extraordinary group which is already being recognised by many organisations, including the most senior management within the Department of Labour, SACPCMP and others as “HSE Connection Point”. The second intention is to inform you of our goals, objectives, and benefits of being a member of one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic HSE groups to emerge within the past few years.

HSE Connection Point was first conceptualized in 2008 by a group of passionate Health, Safety, Environmental as well as senior construction management and other professionals with comparable yearnings to make an impact and improve how occupational safety is being conducted within South Africa.

We mutually wanted to do something tangible rather than just speak about what we could possibly do to change it, so we commenced with this process and we officially registered our NPO. We also aspired to give back to our less fortunate communities, others struggling within the HSE construction, mining and less experienced HSE personnel who were seeking employment. We wanted to give back what we had learned through value-added training, general guidance and started shared our amalgamated experiences within the Health, Safety & Environmental fraternity.

We agreed that we needed to have a distinct voice, and hear the honest concerns from the multitudes and voice our collective concerns. We identified a notable rift between ethnic and other cultural boundaries, and we knew we needed to start working together to bridge the chasm which has been created through multi facets within the historical and current challenges which we are still plagued with within our country at large.

We subsequently stepped up our societal targets and objectives and registered a Non-Profit Organisation to expand our reach and support within South Africa, neighbouring Southern African Countries and possibly expanding to an internationally recognised HSE organisation within the near future.

I have listed a few of the benefits of being a part of this group below.

1. The Association is a non-profit organisation established for the following public benefits:

1.1 The promotion of our group and fellow members

Championing a culture of comradery amongst each other through team building;
Promotion of our group and members within our workplaces and within the industry;
Commending member’s excellence through accolades at our award ceremonies;

2.1 Training and Continuous professional development

Assisting our members with learnership programmes;
Raffling courses each month in order to assist random members to receive a free course;
Negotiate with companies to assist students with the practical site experience;
Learnership programmes focused on underprivileged members and students;
Advise members with the most suitable training courses for their personal development;
Advise members of internal study groups foster peer to peer mentoring exams;
As a Voluntary Association assist members pursue their registered with the SACPCMP;
Fully equipped to issue CPD points through memberships, seminars, webinars and workshops;
Computers with free internet access for members seeking employment to draft/edit their CV’s;
Assist members with assistance and guidance on workshops when submitting their SACPCMP documentation;
3.1 Assisting our members to attain employment

Full-time admin available to assist members seeking employment and securing learnership placement;
Network of members on Whats app and Facebook groups sharing HSE vacancies;
Assisting unemployed members with passports and police clearances for out of country positions;
4.1 Assisting our members through information sharing and meetings with senior personnel

Informing members of acquired HSE related information within the industry;
Empowering local and affiliated companies to provide accredited training courses;
Convening with senior Directors, Chief Inspector of the DOL and the SACPCMP on serious matters;
Arrange free and low paid workshops, seminars, webinars of value adding topics and assist members improve their professions;
Fundraising events in order to raise funds within the NPC allowing members to network;
Assist members writing their exams with potential questions to prepare them to be better equipped;

A legal team on hand to assist any members based on any liability cases and legal advice when required from an experienced Attorney;
Being a mouthpiece for our members and being heard directly from the highest levels of the Department of Labour, Director General, Ministers, other relevant personnel and institutions;
Advise and share requested HSE related documents and guidance in order to assist our members;
Assist our members with information on Degrees, Diplomas and short courses from members who have passed these qualifications;
Development of a cell phone/tablet application with multiple features assisting everyone within the group with the latest Safety trends, accidents as they occur and easily managed SHEQ Systems;
Communicate newly released and relevant safety information acquired for the industry via emails, social media, available for downloads from our website;
Acquire a HCP magazine which can be a shareable PDF and hard copies which could also bring in a revenue through advertising as well;
A feeding scheme within the poorer communities and request grocery parcels from the larger companies where we can use that food to feed and clothe our poor people;

5.1 A way forward:
The success of this organisation rests deeply on the commitment and engagement of our members raising salient issues within the industry;
This organisation has a clear vision and implementation plan, it is already a formidable force and will address the stumbling blocks required to transform the industry so that it permeates within the industry being an example to others within the HSE fraternities.
I trust that this letter has given you an informative overview of what HSE Connection Point is about and what we are endeavouring to do, by being much more than just a Safety organisation.
Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions that you may have and I will gladly respond to your email.