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Huis Lesedi

Huis Lesedi

Huis Lesedi opened in March 2006 as a foster home for children that were HIV positive, were neglected, abandoned, had special needs or were rescued from abortion. Huis Lesedi provided love and care to several such children for more than a year. Children, who crawled deep into our hearts in that time.

In the months following, Huis Lesedi’s status changed from foster care home for toddlers, to halfway house for babies. Even though our needs changed drastically and this was a great challenge for us, we embraced the change whole-heartedly, and committed to these little angels completely.

We were really sad to let each one of our toddlers go, but the babies need so much love and attention, that our hearts soon healed.

Huis Lesedi currently cares for four rescued babies – two of which have been born prematurely. The smallest, a little boy, has had various health concerns and requires a lot of caring and love at this stage. The house has a full time housemother and four full time childcare workers. It has a capacity for 12 babies, depending on available funding.

Huis Lesedi’s transformation from a foster care home for toddlers to a halfway house for babies resulted in our needs changing dramatically. We now have a predominant need for baby products – everything from soaps and creams to bottles, nappies (diapers) and clothes. We would also appreciate any financial donations fro baby milk (formula).

We are also currently looking for someone to sponsor medication and a hospital plan as well as volunteers who would be willing to transport the babies to the doctor and clinic and back.

Volunteers interested in assisting with the babies are welcome to contact us.

Like any household, Huis Lesedi also has a number of running expenses and we would be thankful for any donations towards utilities like water and electricity. We are relying on the Lord to supply us with our daily needs, and pray that he will use people like you to help us.

Wholesome, ready-to-eat meals for our full-time caregivers would also be much appreciated at the end of a usually hectic day.

All products that we can not use are donated to other halfway houses and foster homes, so nothing goes to waste. It may seem trivial and unimportant to you, but to us it could make a huge difference. You can visit our donations page is the Lord speaks to you to assist us in our responsibilities.

Even though God is big and mighty and capable of doing anything, He still chooses to work through ordinary people like you to change situations and circumstances here on earth, and more importantly, to change lives. So the Lord uses Huis Lesedi as an open door through which God’s grace flows freely and unconditionally to the children who arrive here without hope and a future.

Not only are the lives of these children touched and their destinies impacted, but those who serve as volunteers are impacted as they come into contact with God’s grace and His undying, unconditional love. You and I, as well as our families and friends were created to be instruments of His grace.