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Humanitarian Empowerment Fund

Ubuntu 360 Vision
Driven by Love and Compassion, our sole Purpose and Mission is to HOLISTICALLY Change the Circumstances of People and Communities to Empower Them.

The Ubuntu 360 Approach
Through FOOD SECURITY, EDUCATION and RESTORATION, we provide tools for individuals on their life journey, aid for a family – regaining dignity and respect and empowerment for a community to establish itself holistically.

FOOD SECURITY - A key focus area. It is almost impossible to think of education, restoration or any other holistic approach to a community without first ensuring the people have food to eat.

EDUCATION - A foundational element of sustainability is education for both children and adults. Involvement includes ECD, Bursaries, Adult education and Agricultural training.

RESTORATION - Restoration and rehabilitation are focus areas for HEF to holistically support a community. This includes establishing 'Centres of Excellence' and running of various programs.

Make a Difference with your Donation
At HEF, we live to empower people – and we don’t back down when things get hard. In the past year, despite the challenges of COVID-19, we have been able to help many in destitute situations, especially women and children with food, clothing education, restoration, jobs and so much more.

Your contribution will make difference!