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I Care Resource Centre

I Care Resource Centre is a non-profit organisation that is involved in training and skills development. Our programmes focus on empowering individuals to enrich their lives and improve their communities.

Early Childhood Development

We provide support through toy libraries and facilitating playgroups in various township areas in need.

• This is for the purpose of physical, cognitive, emotional, social, language and communication development stimulation in children.

• Various aspects of early childhood development reach the community; promoting children’s rights, positive discipline, safety, protection and healthy family relationships.

Youth Development

The youth of today face many challenges. Vulnerable youths are at a particular disadvantage because of a lack of resources, guidance, self-esteem and a sense of belonging. Our programmes seek to enhance the quality of their lives by bringing about personal enjoyment, enriching their perspectives, encouraging intellectual stimulation, and fuelling an entrepreneurial mind-set. These programmes promote emotional/social well-being by granting the opportunity for youth to perform and grow through creativity and self-expression.

Community development

We facilitates skills development in communities by identifying candidates that qualify and assist them to get accredited skills training. We also have a recycling and community clean up initiative aimed at clearing illegal dumps and setting up parks in their place.