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Ice Hockey Initiative

We are a non-profit organisation with the following public benefit objectives:

- To establish a non-racial, non-sexist association.
- To administer, organise, promote and fund ice hockey in South Africa.
- To provide constant training and development to players and parents relating to etiquette, rules of Ice Hockey and general behaviour on the ice.
- To assist participants to play in specifically suited events.
- To promote family participation with family members acting in supportive roles, inspiring participants.
- To allow previously disadvantaged participants to compete via subsidised membership and fees provided from sponsorship.
- To maintain and promote ice hockey clubs, relevant associations or entities of any other nature in administering, organising or promoting ice hockey in South Africa or anywhere else in the world.
- To establish and maintain a structure responsible for the promotion of development of Ice Hockey in South Africa.
- To work in collaboration with other related organisations that deal mainly with the administration and regulation of the sport in South Africa.