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Ikasi Youth NPO

Ikasi Youth is a Non Profit Organisation that was founded in January of 2013 with the purpose of providing support to youth and children growing up in the poverty of township and rural communities in Southern Africa.

Ikasi Youth's mission is to facilitate the creation and development of successful social enterprises which will address the greatest challenges faced by these children and youth. These enterprises must be replicable, scalable and built on a model of long term financial self-sustainability.

The Everyday Heroes and the Leading Ladies Programs are initiatives developed by Ikasi Youth, with the aim to address the lack of safe afterschool support and guidance available to High School Youth living in the township areas.

Our mission is to roll out a comprehensive model of afterschool academic and social support in townships across Southern Africa. The purpose of these afterschool programs are to provide the mentorship and guidance required help to learners along their journey through education towards gainful employment.

This is done through equipping organisations already working with these youth with the training, tools and resources to become more successful.