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Ilead Self Defense NPC

We empower women and children by teaching them to protect themselves. Since 2012, i-LEAD has been providing Safety Awareness and Self Defense training at no cost to Shelters for survivors of Gender Based Violence & Human Trafficking; and to impoverished communities. Our goal is to prevent violence against women and children by building life skills.
What makes us different is that the training is free, we are mobile allowing for easy travel, and our self defense program is built for people - not martial artists. Everyone can learn to protect themselves.
We create impact by offering safety awareness and self defense training at Shelters, Schools, Seminars at Colleges & Universities, Corporate Workshops, and through virtual training. We impact 1000+ women and children annually, helping them be more confident and to feel safer as they go about their daily lives.
To truly empower and change the lives of women, i-LEADís Empowerment Cycle includes:
Empowerment Self Defense + Educational Empowerment + Financial Empowerment.