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The Islamic Life Madrassah (ILM) is a non-profit organisation based in Kensington, Cape Town. Our vision is to develop and inculcate a holistic understanding of Islam as a complete way of life, in harmony with the natural manner of the universe. Due to the daily challenges faced by our youth in our area, a few members of the community established a non-profit organisation that will support the youth in our community. Our first classes commenced on 4th May 2009 with 35 registered students and 3 educators and we have grown to over 60  learners and 6 educators with over 40 years combined teaching experience.

ILM’s aim is to fulfil our first objective in life, which is to serve our creator. In Islam, knowledge and the pursuit thereof, is deemed a sacred task, and there is no distinction between the truth of revelation and worldly knowledge. Our curriculum is aimed at the balanced growth of the total personality of the human being, which includes both ‘worldly’ & religious instruction. We encourage our teachers to use different methods of teaching, including Montessori teaching methods, outdoor excursions and community work, to convey our curriculum.