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Imam Development Program

The Imam Development Program (IDP) was established in South Africa in 2014 with the aim to assist currently employed Imams and community leaders to empower, develop and refine their skills. We believe through developing effective community leaders; we can transform entire communities.

At the IDP, we support our Imams financially through a monthly stipend At the IDP, and further provide access to quality medical care, educational workshops, training, clothing, equipment, media and counselling. In return, we require from our imams to participate in monthly development courses while increasing their community engagement.
Over the past 8 years the IDP has directly improved the lives of more than 100 imams across across 6 countries namely South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Malawi, Zimbabwe & Zambia.
We invite you to participate in this great initiative and help us, help our imams change the world for the better.