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A new non-profit organisation titled 'Impact Health Africa' (IHA) is being launched in the Western Cape. Its aim is to bring a range of different health treatments from professionally qualified practitioners to people in Africa who cannot afford to pay for them. IHA is being initiated by Annie and Peter Ellis. Annie is a qualified 'Bodytalk' practitioner who has been in private practice for the past five years in South Africa, Canada and the UK. Dr. Peter Ellis is a psychologist with many years experience of practice in the UK.
IHA aims to work through existing institutions, eg. schools, social welfare, NGO's, etc., as a means of identifying cases where health treatments will give greatest benefit to individuals in need. Networking with a range of practitioners from different disciplines will ensure that the most appropriate treatments are made available. Working In South Africa’s townships, there is a major focus on counseling and treatment for people who are HIV positive. Bodytalk, with its emphasis on healing the whole person, has an important contribution here. IHA's first project is located at a health clinic in Zwelihle township near Hermanus, where Annie Ellis is introducing Bodytalk, both working directly with adults and children, as well as teaching basic techniques to other health staff.
Bodytalk is the fastest growing natural healthcare system in the world. It uses the intelligence of the body to heal itself, working gently to remove the stresses of everyday life so that the brain regains its innate ability to heal the body. It is a powerful tool for re-balancing our body's systems so they can operate as nature intended. It is simple, safe and non-invasive, and professionals in all fields of healthcare, including many medical doctors, are finding that virtually every case responds well to Bodytalk techniques. It is highly complementary to other healthcare systems.