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Publishing – We want to make quality resources affordable and available to those who have no access to these types of resources and who cannot afford resources. We have already secured partnerships with ministries in America (e.g. Crossway, Desiring God, Ligonier) and will print and distribute these resources locally for a much more affordable price.

Training – We will provide four avenues of training. A) We will come alongside local churches in their efforts to take on interns and train them for the ministry. B) We will have a long-distance internship program, where the pastor would be able to have access to books and then have regular contact sessions or groups where we will then discuss the books they have been working through. C) Pastors will come to our local church for an intense program and short internship where we will have lectures on ecclesiology and theology followed by contact sessions and discussion groups. One of our goals is to provide a deeper and contextualized think-tank approach to ecclesiology. The primary focus of this is a biblical philosophy of ministry and a deeper understanding of church membership, discipline, elders, preaching, and worship in a healthy church. Last, ‪we want to encourage the pastors to think practically about what they have learned from the program and each other, as well as to take steps to encourage and support the planting and building of healthy churches back home. D) We are starting a support-a-pastor program, where full-time pastors can enjoy fellowship and encouragement with other pastors in a network, as well as having access to a multitude of wise counsel.

Conferences – We bring out guest speakers to have conferences. This will enable us to a) draw more pastors out so that we can get to know them and see how we can help them, and b) distribute more resources. These conferences will also enable us to feed the under-shepherds as they feed their flock the whole week. Part of this avenue is hosting weekenders where we minister to pastors and allow for network opportunities.