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Inclusive Education South Africa

To date, we are one of the only NPOs in South Africa that has the implementation of Inclusive Education as its primary objective. Our vision is of a fully inclusive society in which all people can participate to their fullest potential and where diversity is recognized, respected and promoted. We believe that this can best be achieved through a fully inclusive education system that meets the needs of all children in regular neighbourhood schools.
Through collaboration with our beneficiaries, donors, government and civil society, we aim to promote the realisation of goals of the National Development Plan 2030 generally and Chapter 9 objectives specifically. We believe that realising the right to equal participation in quality education for ALL requires a countrywide commitment to the effective implementation of inclusive education policy, where every child is supported to learn in their local neighbourhood school. We believe no child should be discriminated against in education because of his / her learning ability/disability, socio economic background, gender, home language, cultural heritage or any other reason. We believe in equality in education, which means that every child should have equal access to the teaching and learning materials he/she needs in order to learn.
Through IESA’s services, we seek to provide information, advice and support to all education stakeholders to promote a common understanding of inclusive education and skills development to teachers in pre-schools and schools, to be able to teach to the diverse learner population in their schools and centres.