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Ingane Yami

Ingane Yami

Our mission is to build a village where orphaned and abandoned children will receive long term, holistic care. A place where they belongand thrive as they experience daily the value of growing up in a family environment where they receive unconditional love, spiritual discipleship, nurturing and care. We believe that every child no matter what the circumstances of their lives can be restored to fullness, set free from the bondages of their past and transformed with a new identityrooted in Christian values and secure in the knowledge that they can live a life of meaning and purpose.
The dream and vision for Ingane Yami Children’s Village was birthed out of the heart of Kloof Harvest Church. Through our experiences in outreach and serving people in local communities we have come to experience firsthand the plight of many children who, as a result of poverty and the effect of HIV and AIDS are facing a future without hope, clinging to survival with little chance of escaping the traps of exploitation, abuse and neglect. It is our intention to see these children raised up to adulthood and then released to become future leaders in our nation.
Once complete the village will consist of 25 individual homes, and a number of other ancillary buildings including a community hall, crèche, soccer field, clinic and administration buildings. We believe that it is essential that children grow up knowing the value of a healthy, functional family and therefore each home will consist of a “mother” and 6 children who are carefully placed together to emulate a “normal” family environment. It is within the family unit that the child will experience, unconditional love, security and acceptance.
Transformation requires long-term sustainable partnerships. Our intention is to partner with organisatons that have a genuine desire to invest in our vision. Raising tomorrow’s leaders requires long term intervention, ensuring quality education and creating a platform to equip young people to move successfully into independent living.