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Ingqalabutho Developmental Foundation

Ingqalabutho Developmental Foundation is an organization operating under the Chairmanship of Miss Nosiphiwo Nontokozo Keswa. It was formed and registered as a Non- Profit Organization in March 2010 with the registrar of NPOs at the Department of Social Development in terms of the Non- profit Organisation Act 1997 with NPO registration number 077 – 209 – NPO.

The chairperson reports to a competent board of directors and is managed by a competent executive team led by Project Manager, Miss Siphesihle Mahaye. The Foundation also aims to get the services of volunteers to assist with the operations of the Foundation. The Foundation will pay them a stipend to assist them with their transport costs.

By far youth in the townships and rural areas are the most backlogged in terms of career, employment and development opportunities. Millions of young people are either exploited as cheap labour in restaurants, farms and construction sectors, or they are deeply engrossed is sexual activities which might lead them to contracting diseases like HIV and AIDS, or engaging in alcohol and drug abuse due to lack of information on career development opportunities available to them on completion of their Grade 12 studies. This is a problem which should be addressed at least in the first few years of high school and not wait until the learners have completed their high school education.

As Ingqalabutho Developmental Foundation we are going to ensure that all programmes aimed at capacitating the youth about their overall growth and career development are brought to the fore and are facilitated in a manner that is going to ensure that young people are knowledgeable and are assisted to take decisions aligned to growth and development of their personal and professional wellbeing.

NPOs form a huge part of human and community development in this country, over 300 000 registered in South Africa are operating at a scope of their existence. The Foundation understands the recent economic turmoil which limits local and international funding of NPO’s however as the Foundation we believe that our aim of existence and our objective surpass the financial constraint as there is no country that can sit back watching its people suffer. We will highlight the need for our existence and our vision and mission and use it as the main motive of sourcing funding