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Initiative for Community Advancement

Historically, the organisation was founded as a youth network operating in five South African provinces under its former name, South African Youth Leaders Network (SAYLN). The work of the organisation since inception has been divided into two general areas: topics relating to building social cohesion, and those relating to Youth Leadership.

Over time, and under the new organisational brand (the Initiative for Community Advancement) and geographic focus (West Coast), the work has branched into several other areas, such as those that relate to Active Citizenship Education models to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of young people to take ownership for their own development and those relating to promoting formal education as a key to self actualization.

ICA does this through the following key measures:
• Active Citizenship Education by means of facilitating theoretical community-based traininig manual
• Promoting and implementing the YouthBank approach as a practical model of youth Active Citizenship
• Youth Dialogues which represents a Peer-Learning platform for young people to share best-practice models and communicate about real challenges that they face in their local communities
• MyMachine™ which is an Education Program built on the understanding that “Education should make an impact on all students by bringing them 21st century skills that will serve them for life. When students see that what’s happening in the classroom can impact the real-world, they see their futures in a whole new light.”