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Innocent Bhengu

Advancing South Africa Communities A.S.A.C, seeks to play the role of the ‘middle-man’ that mediate or bridge the divide and reconcile the above differences, by designing programs that can level the playing field through fundraising, sponsorship, organizing and managing of the alumni and community participation to pull together to advance our communities. These strategies are not necessarily new but those communities that are better off mostly practice them. This means that these ‘high-end’ communities did not only relay on government to the boost them but they have great management of their facilities, fundraising skills, hard work is put on tracking alumni involvement, great recreational and programs to keep their communities at the highest level.

It easy to slip into the comfort zone of blaming the past, complain, being self-entitled and expect handouts from the government. However, A.S.A.C is taking the less traveled road that seeks to find enduring solutions to these challenges, learn from the best, and see greater possibilities that can be achieved if we work together to advance our societies by advancing each sector of your communities.