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Insimbi Legacy Projects

The project idea was born when one of the dominant male rhino “Insimbi” was poached in 2014. A very difficult choice had to be made at that moment, to either sell all rhino (to a possible mass breeder) or protect them with all my heart ! I chose the latter and will continue to choose protecting while I can afford it.
Initially we focussed on a defensive approach in counter poaching, installing a full time apu, (Initially we employed individuals to be employed as our counter poaching unit, but due to the legalities, firearm regulations and Psira regulations we were forced to oursource a security company with all the legal requirements. This has simplified the security issues but is costly. (without 24/7 apu, our rhino are at high risk)
Our main focus is wildlife in general but we focus on White Rhino, giraffe, brown Hyena and pangolin and education.