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Inspirare Academy

RWB, an inspired journey since 2016
I was not born to fit in but to stand out
Love does not need word
I am always unique, totally intelligent, sometimes mysterious and mischievous
I see the world from different eyes
Inspirare Academy is a pact, to walk this journey with a bond of love, with compassion for our kids, for parents and grandparents, for teachers, and for the therapists.
At Inspirare Academy, we strive to educate. With education comes awareness, and with awareness comes acceptance.
We are our children’s biggest advocates.

Why did I start this Project?
I believe in asking questions, not making assumptions based on statistics.
I do not decide for my child what his limitations are. Instead, I give him tools that help him learn and grow, in a different way, so that he can developed the same skills as his friends.
To help each child reach their individual star.
To have a practical and affordable preschool/ground face school in Bloemfontein for children who need individual attention in early childhood development.

Team Work
Inspirare Academy works in conjunction with a professional team. We currently have a Biokineticist and Occupational Therapist on board. Our dream of adding a Speech Therapist to our team might soon be a reality.
• Teachers receive homework from the professional team which they integrate into their weekly lesson plans
• A unique electronic communication system connects teachers, the professional team and parents. A link tailored to each individual child grants permission and access privileges to a child’s profile
• We evaluate each child’s individual needs
• We strive to help each child grow to their full potential
• Each child’s individual strengths are identified and integrated in a program that works for them
• We help as many children possible reach main stream Gr. R or a special education class designed to integrate them into main stream classes when they are ready.

Our Values
We promise to make activities fun, and to help each child learn by allowing them the freedom they need to explore their potential.
We will apply ourselves and prepare the best lesson plan possible for each individual child with the help of the homework we receive from the professional team.
Through our electronic communication system, we create transparency in our daily interaction with your child.
Team Work
Our electronic communication system makes it possible to work as a team with parents, teachers and professionals.
Respect for individual needs
Each child is treated as an individual. Their interests are recognized and lesson plans are created that inspire interaction.
A will to
Give parents the peace of mind of knowing that we work as a team to achieve a mutual goal!